Marriage Report

Marriage is not only a matter of life partners but also a matter of sacrifice, respect to others and entrusting of responsibilities towards family and children. Marriage is all about strengthening relationships & preparing one for societal duties & responsibilities.

The following are some common questions asked by natives beleaguered by issues of this field:

  • Compatibility issue between the couple
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Disturbances in married life, specific time period.
  • In extreme conditions – will get a divorce?
  • Is my husband having extramarital affair, keeping a mistress.
  • How will be my married life ahead?
  • Child birth

In this report – you will get

  • Natal chart of couple
  • Astrological details
  • Dasa table
  • Effect of marriage houses and signs
  • Answer to your questions
  • Future analysis regarding married life
  • Child birth – positive time
  • Strength and weakness of individual
  • Remedies

INR 5,100

INR 2,499