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Horary is branch of Astrology that deals in the answering of any particular questions asked by the native. It involves the studying of an astrological chart created by using the exact time and seed given by the one asking.It is also the method used where in a person is clueless about his/her birth details.

The Horary system is different from Natal astrology, one by which we predict almost every aspect of life. From horary astrology one can predict only the answers to specific questions.

This kind of astrology deals with answering questions by evaluating the astrological charts set for the exact time and place of the question being asked. In conjunction to this, a number is used to ascertain the spirit of the asker. Asker should be serious about the question and the question should be relevant.

It is advised to think about the question at least twice followed by picking at random a number between 1 & 249. This number shall be used to create the chart and results will be decoded accordingly. Therefore, one may even say that answer lies in the seed of the asker& that the astrologer is but just an interpreter.

This branch of Astrology is known to be accurate and has been known to give clear answers to questions. However, its limitations pertain to being applicable to answering singular questions at a time.