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What is Astrology


Knowing the future hasfor centuries fascinated mankind. It always has been a deep seatedinterest of most to know what is going to happen in future, how their lives would unfold and above all, what remedial action can be taken if anything bad is going to happen?
Astrology, if well used can be an answer to such questions. It not only predicts the future but also tells us about past, thus opening the doors to one’s inner being & after all, learning from one’s own mistakes is learning from the best.

Even though many a people might say that they do not believe in stars and destiny, the truth is that most of the population believes in fate and has found to be overtly superstitious, especially in regions such as our own. As a regular custom in India, as soon as a child’s birth a chart is prepared by an astrologer, who is often, followed by suggestion of letters of alphabet which can be used to name the baby. The same is considered to be auspicious.

Astrology is the fundamental science which tells us about the effect of the relationships between the planets, stars & our own environment. Some even say that all the heavenly bodies are interred linked to one another by a certain vibe which has an impact on all matter. Ergo, given the astounding power of astrology, it can easily be seen by many as a language that the Almighty uses to lead us. This is why religion and this ancient science have been interwoven over time in our country.

If one were to consider the sun as its centre, the universe would extend endlessly in circumference and spread out in all directions possible.Astrology divides the universe into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each. These parts are assigned specific shapes corresponding to various star forms such as Aries, Taurus, Leo, etc. Furthermore, the planets revolve around the sun crossing these star regions at their own pace. The study of the connection between the happenings of the world based on the observation of the presence of the planets in these regions is what forms the core of ASTROLOGY.

How Astrology works:

The fundamental assumption of astrology is the constant flow of energy from the various constellations into our solar-system. Wheneverthe Sun eclipses these constellations; it alters the energy signatures exhibited on Earth. These energy patterns further vary on Earth on the basis of Longitude & Latitudes based on the time and place of birth. Thus, if a child is born while the Sun is in front of the Leo constellation, then the child would be said to possess the sun sign Leo. It is therefore, these cosmic rays from the planets and constellation decide the forces of fate that play in one’s life.

By the help of modern methods, one can easily trace the energy signatures displayed at the time of a child’s birth and these can further be read in the form of a Natal Chart which can consequently be used to make a wide range of conclusions. The chart is nothing but a map which foretells the journey which lies ahead in one’s life along with the probable directions and hurdles.

About astrology

Astrology, as a science has been held as a closely guarded science by sages & Brahmins of the olden traditions and unfortunately its boons have been used by many a miscreants to earn a quick buck. The mathematics of the ancient knowledge is now considered a way to mislead the uninitiated. We wish to change all that.

Astrology broadly is classified into two branches: Jamini and Prashar Astrology (which is further classified into Falit and Ganit)

Jamini astrology predictions are done mainly on the basis of the dasha of sign, degree of planets , the dristi (aspect) & different ascendant (lagan)

Prashari on the other hand uses position, lordship, conjunction, dasha and dristi (aspect) of the planets, along with using the position of planets in different signs.